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New integrated flywire for stylish…

Introducing a new flyscreen system that lets you keep bugs out without obscuring your view or compromising the stylish look of your doors.

Miris Windows and Doors is one of the first manufacturers to build in the new Centor flywire screens into their external bi-fold and sliding doors. The screens are attractive, unobtrusive and literally disappear into the door frame when not in use.

The Centor flyscreens are integrated in the door frames and retract into the door jams to provide a stylish solution to annoying insect problems. This new system, an effective world-first screening solution for openings as large as 3 metres high and 5.8 metres wide, complements any opening and has a simple and smooth operation.

The load balancing technology allows for effortless fingertip control when opening or closing the flywire door. There is no crude spring-loading to fight against and no cumbersome latches or locks, just a simple magnetic catch.

Load balancing also means far greater mesh tension across the screen, eliminating any tendency for sag, while ‘Tight Technology’ manufacturing techniques ensure control of the horizontal edges of the screen so they remain straight and tight across the widest spans. A shock absorption system allows visitors fooled by the screen’s unobtrusiveness and near invisibility to walk away with no more than a surprise – and no system damage.

Miris Windows & Doors can custom fit these quality flywire screens to the exact specifications of your bi-fold, sliding or French doors.

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